Monday, September 30, 2013

September Wrap

I surprised myself with 750km in a busy month. Lisbeth is off the road as of this morning. I moved the lights to the GT and have decided to use it for commuting until the snow falls. I am really looking for a road bike as that is the type of riding that is my interest now and my weight allows me to ride a skinnier bike. Lisbeth may have to be sold to get a top end bike, not sure how that will go over around here. She was supposed to be my dream bike but I was a lot heavier then. The evil Farzam showed me the BMC gran fondo gf 02, a new smooth riding road bike that would fill my needs, comfy but fast. He always knows how to throw temptation my way in the form of a beautiful bike. Evil, evil man.
I did a 50km ride Saturday and despite a strong wind I had a great two hours on Bonnie. She rolls so smoothly and I have finally learned how to climb. I am zipping up hills that used to leave me winded and barely moving. It was tough to be at the rink and in the college Sunday when I really would rather have been out on a bike, any bike.
I spent two hours on a coaches meeting for the 64 teams in LMHL Sunday afternoon. Before we were even off the stage I got email from a team that was not present asking questions that had just been answered. Frustrating to say the least. Meanwhile back at the Gardens 7 kids out of a group of 20 showed for the hour of free power skating instruction. Free to them but at $135 for the ice and $150 for the instructors it's not free to the league. More frustration. It would have taken 100 km to cool me off.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We're Going to the 'Ship

Championship that is. The Dodgers pummeled the A's 15-3 to move on to the finals on a foggy night. At times we could barely see the outfielders. After about 3 innings it rolled out and the Dodgers rolled up the score. AJ pulled off his second hidden ball trick of the series. The guy hits a double and the relay comes to AJ as the cutoff. Instead of tossing it to the pitcher he just walked back to his short stop position. As long as the pitcher does not step in the rubber it's game on. The guy takes a lead and AJ pounces. Tags the surprised guy and he's out. Very embarrassing. I saw it coming both times. When he came to bat in the next inning the pitcher the one behind him, a clear sign that they weren't very happy. Too bad guys, got to stay awake out there.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I missed it when I passed 4000 km for the year but noticed this morning after recording my mileage for the day. On to 5000.
I found a trainer on kijiji and have done two rides. The first I ignored everything I had read. Ride in front of a fan, with a towel and water . I don't know why but 30 minutes on the trainer leaves me soaking wet and is a real workout. With the fan, towel and water the second ride went much better. It's not my favorite way to ride but better than not pedalling at all. Once winter closes in it will keep the legs strong I hope.
Heard on a tv news broadcast, "you almost always never know what happens". Really?

Monday, September 23, 2013

End of an Era

I just finished a book in three days, a rarity especially at this time of year. Khalid Hosseini's 'The Kite Runner' was one of the most moving books I've ever read. I woke up at 5:30 on Sunday morning and planned to read just long enough to fall back to sleep. I got no more sleep. I read and read, and only closed my eyes after the book was done. Even then what I had read kept me awake. I won't spoil it for anyone who wants a great read but it takes place in the turmoil of Afghanistan from the time of the Russian invasion through 9-11 but is not about terrorists.
We've been going to the Dodgers playoff games, even the last two when AJ was in Calgary. It looks like he may be moving out west and sadly this might be the last we see of his baseball career. He has played since he was 5, so for more than 20 years we have enjoyed his love of the game. Hopefully the Dodgers can defend their title so he can put one more championship in his pocket.
Hockey is a mess right now. I have 5 1/2 teams registered. I need to settle on whether to keep going for our normal sixth team. Kids register and then another quits. One step forward and then two back, it's very frustrating to say the least. It will work out eventually I hope. I'd much rather be out riding than dealing with it all.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And They Wonder Why?

Monday morning and I'm pedaling down Walsh St. at 7:15am, it's -1 and still dark. Not in a real hurry but moving along in cruise with Lisbeth and her big heavy tires. I come to a red light at Edward St., stop and catch another bike behind me in my peripheral vision. The light changes and I stand for about 5 strokes and carry on. I get to the 4-way stop at Brown and slow. The guy behind me on a Giant road bike goes around the far side of the road into the oncoming lane and circles around the hydro tower island, runs the stop sign. (I guess technically there is no stop sign ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD). I make my stop while shaking my head but I gotta ask.

I jump on the pedals and catch up to what should be a much faster bike but the guys knees are literally flailing all over the place and he's spinning a high gear, no way he can get away even on a road bike. I slide in behind his rear wheel and comment: "that was a real slick move". The old guy turns back and smiles at me. "And we wonder why they all think we are all a**holes", I continue. "They think that anyway", he says as he slows and tries to ride side by side. He asks, "so you stop for all the reds?" I answer "yes especially at this time of day".

I slow and let him go, letting him know "if you want to pass just 'on your left' and go". I stay with him to James street where he flies through the yellow light while making a left onto James. And they wonder why we can't get any respect.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Nothing Better

With meetings, drafts, on ice hockey starting and a wet start to the week my mileage is down. Monday and Tuesday saw a meager 10km but I've managed to add 70km in the last two days and it looks good today. After the AA draft on Monday I picked up a Minoura trainer from a Kijiji posting. Brand new other than about ten minutes use it will make the winter go by as I can attach it to most of the bikes and ride in front of a book or tv. Walking just isn't going to cut it and I don't want to give up my legs.

I have fallen in love with road bikes. Riding Bonnie is just about as much fun as I can have. She flies, even up hills. There's nothing better than putting my hands 'in the drops' and descending a hill or taking a corner. With the worst of my excess weight gone I can actually get low and pedal. I think next year I am going to join the cycling club and try some racing to see if I'm as fast as I feel. Yes they do have an old guys bracket.

Northwood registration is down for the first time in years. We're still looking for a dozen kids to fill the teams. Not sure where this came from. I advertised this year but maybe word is out we fill up fast and people are not even trying.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mr. Hitchcock Would be Inspired

gathering of extras for the Birds remake on Squier St.
I don't know what the attraction was to this random spot, but there was an amazing number of small birds waiting for something last night. Sorry but that movie has already been made.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

Too Good to Pass Up

after adding a few parts from stock
Early in August I was talking with long time friend Terry about what kind of bike he might get. I suggested a steel frame with bigger tires for a comfy ride that would be dependable. My daily perusing of kijiji brought me to an 80's GT mountain bike that I sent to him as an example of what is out there. It was listed at $75 and I decided to take a look.
I brought her home after seeing the near perfect, super clean shape she was in. She sat in the basement for a bit and I thought of making a few updates with parts I have and selling her.
This weekend I moved her brakes over to Eyowen who is back in service after being welded by nephew Chris. They suit the fenders much better. The v-brakes from Eyowen ended up on the as yet unnamed GT. I straightened the front wheel and she was ready to try out. A shorter stem and shortening of the bars, upgraded saddle and tires and she's ready for tomorrow's commute without spending an extra dime. Just have to think of a name and no, teal is not my color.
as she was

Sunday, September 1, 2013


After a lazy July I was determined to up the miles in August. I set a goal of 900km or about 30 a day with one days grace. Half way through I was averaging only 24 and had to pick up the pace. Sal and I took a slow ride over to the house that Jen and Curtis are looking at, wrapping up my effort with 1015 km for the month or just over 32 per day, with one day off. For the year I'm just over 3500 km. Feels good.

Hockey is in full swing. A slow registration for Northwood so far, 70 of 96 kids and I ran an ad in the key. I'm sure we will fill up soon. On the lakehead minor front online registration has been good but not without challenges. The new website has features we were not even aware of. Parents were emailed a reminder and allowed back in to the system, some paid with credit cards after initially selecting the cash option so they saved $10. Another signed his kid twice and paid three times, not really sure how he managed that feat. I have a steady stream of meetings coming and we hit the ice next weekend. Where did summer go?
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