Giant ATX 870 converted to singlespeed

Big ugly and cheap, I found this old aluminum mountain bike on Kijiji for $30. I simply wanted to a frame to hang the singlespeed parts I already had and she fit the bill. Aluminum for winter riding and cheap because winter riding tends to take its toll on bikes.

The wheel that Farzam built for my first singlespeed project is still going strong with nary a wobble after countless miles in less than ideal conditions. This frame requires a chain tensioner to make it work as a singlespeed and I had one on hand, from the Rohloff Speed Hub. The part is worth nearly three times what I paid for the frame but it wasn't required to make the hub work on Lisbeth (Surly Troll) so it might as well get some use. Brakes were original and levers came from my spare parts box as well. The seatpost and threaded steering are extra heavy units so they remain stock as I have no spares for those sizes.

After not riding outside for a month even a bike like this that can put your face into a breeze is fun.

Rohloff Twin Pulley Chain Tensioner

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