Thursday, April 28, 2011


The exploration of jazz is a long and confusing path. There are just too many forms and styles even within the work of a single artist. I searched online for the top 100 jazz albums and then started grabbing what I could at the library. Of Rolling Stones top 50 albums there are only 2 in the jazz category. Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue' from 1959 is great. I only had to listen a few times to get into it, very cool.  John Coltrane's 'A Love Supreme' is also on the list but I just can't get that one. Sounds like a bowl of notes that someone is randomly throwing at the mic. A review that also listed it right up thir also called it the first of his 'unlistenable' albums. I don't understand the juxtaposition but unlistenable I agree with. Funny he plays sax on Kind of Cool and is much more listenable. I've always been ok with smooth jazz but it's like riding a bike on the sidewalk. Safe but won't get you very far. I guess I'll just keep exploring.

Monday, April 18, 2011

One Fall, No Drops

A combination of ice a a bit of a slope dumped me in some fresh snow this morning behind Sysco.  No injuries or damage, it was a good place to go down. Straightened the bars a few degrees and carried on.

On the positive side the wireless is working as advertised. I'm lying in bed typing and listening to Miles Davis "Kind of Blue". I went to the library in search of some jazz and of the 10 albums I had checked out online it was the only one on hand. I used to be able to read with just about anything playing in my headphones but now only instrumentals let me concentrate on the book. So jazz it is.

The two motions I had worked on for LMHL were passed last night. I left early for the Michael Winslow show at the auditorium so I missed the fireworks that came later. It might be an interesting summer AGM.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fingers Crossed

I might have stumbled into a wireless configuration that is acceptable to everything and everyone. So far it's reasonably fast and hasn't been dropped.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Turtle Time

The Habs playoff style is a lot like a turtle. Keep the head in and let everything swirl around, poke it out long enough to get a quick bite and then duck back in to safety again. Sort of a boring style but it seems to work. It will be interesting to see whether the bear can take a bite out of the turtles tonight.

I hate wireless networks when they act up. I search google for solutions and without fail my system never has the settings that are suposed to cure everything. I have a network app on the phone that sugested a change to another channel and that seems to have worked, so far.

This week I rode home at lunch every day and it sure maks the day go by. Just a bit of fresh air and exercise and I feel better. I was taking out half bags of garbage just for the fresh air, sort of ironic I guess. Farzam called me at work, a rarity, and let me know the 'Troll' frame is in the works.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh Rory, I Feel For You

The Northwood banquet went off without a hitch on Saturday. 315 in attendance, 5 dropped trophies. In my prep for the evening I went back to 2000, the last season I had a kid in the league. Never would have guessed it had been that long.

Wow quite the finish to the Masters. With so many in the hunt who would have picked Charl, heck who knew who he was. Analyst Feherty told a good one while they went on and on regarding fellow Irishmen McIlroy. Dad comes home from the club with maybe a child's portion too much Guiness in him and asks mom "is my dinner still warm"? Yes says mom, it's in the dog.

Sal had a dream about losing some cash in the wind, when she took the deposit of banquet ticket money to deposit today the dream came true. She gathered it all up without losing any.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back to it, Soon

The Northwood banquet is three days away and I'm nowhere near ready. Trophies and all that are all set but I haven't started what I'm going to say up front yet. I usually say a short paragraph about each award winner but my back has kept me from sitting in front of a computer any longer than work requires all week, might have to wing it a bit. This post is coming from the phone as I sit on the couch with the heating pad. It's better today but I dont want to push it, now my hands are getting sore.