Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Morning Weigh-In X-57

Back on the cheerios and dried fruit with pepper. I want to get to 60 this week so its time to go back to a bit stricter input. Its going to be tough with two weeks of vacation so I better go hardcore this week. I rode 77+ miles last week and loved every minute. B'Ridge is doing her part to get me there.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Silver Harbour

After taking off my apnea mask at 4am I got up at 6:30 and had a few peaches and juice and then loaded up B'Ridge. The rack I got in Duluth works far better with her frame than it did with the CTC tank. I drove over to the corner of Arundel and Hodder and headed east on Lake Shore Drive. I thought I was over dressed but it was pretty cool for the first half hour or so. I stopped at Silver Harbour Conservation Area, about 11 miles from the car. I took some pictures, had some water and a vector bar, called Sal and then headed back. The return was a bit of a climb but I was warmed up and felt really good as the miles slipped by. Lakeshore has a fairly wide shoulder and little traffic early in the morning. I was very tired all afternoon but I'm sure that was because I took off the mask too early.
Details: start 7:30/Silver Harbour 8:30/return to start 9:45/total length 21.76 miles

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

B'Ridge Flies

Sal picked up the new ride for me and then swapped for the ole'CCM at FCD. I rode home and then after answering and sending a ton of emails took a ride over to the East End, checked out the minor playoffs and then headed for Mission Marsh. The baby flat out flies. Once you go through the gears and get into 24th you can ease back and just keep them going around and hold on. I thought the wind had changed on the way back and realized I was going fast enough to create a breeze no matter which way I was going. Where I need the smallest gears going up the bridges with the other tank, B'Ridge goes up easily with no downshifting on the front gears at all. May just have to take another run to camp to really see how fast she really is. WEEEEEEEE!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

She's Ready!!

Farso called today and the bike is ready to go. 'She' is a Marin Bolinas Ridge. Marin names their models after trails in Marin County California where mountain biking was born. I checked a few blogs and found this picture of a ride on the Bolinas Ridge Trail which goes into the redwoods. I told Sal I want to take the bike home. No not our home, her home.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Morning Weigh-In X-55

Another surprise. I hadn't checked all week and other than the ride at CTDog I didn't really do anything special. I have a bike being put together at Petrie's. The mechanic that has been there for decades, Farzo is so interesting to talk to. Sal and I spent a half an hour with him yesterday and the bike was no more than 3 minutes of the discussion. I'm riding my 10 year old CCM in the mean time and actually enjoying it. The frame is shorter than I'm used to so it feels like my whole body is over the handlebars but it's a sturdy steel frame and other than lots of wear and tear it is keeping me going.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Conquered the Dog...Eventually

Well it was a bit different than I expected. Not too many of the people entered were of the 'non-serious' crowd. When your bike is one of the only ones with a kickstand and definitely the only one bought at CTC you know it's going to be a long day. I wasn't the oldest rider but in the neighbourhood. I got off to a decent start as our kayaker tagged me and I hopped on. After 4km I could tell I was pushing way too hard and backed off a bit, crossed the bridge to the far side and jumped on the pedals to get up the first hill. After another hill or two (about 7km into the ride) I felt something knocking in the pedals again and thought loose crank, again. But this time the pedal arm actually came right off, the nut was gone and my day was over. I found a nice big rock and pounded it back on a couple of times and then just resigned myself to a long walk back.

I rolled/walked back down the hills and most of the other riders slowed to ask if I was ok and then just smiled when I held up my pedal. I got back to the 5km point and was told someone was bringing me a bike if I wanted to finish. Tom Petrie pulled up with a Gary Fisher on the roof of his wagon. He told me I wasn't getting off that easy, we lowered the seat and away I went. Now I know the difference between a quality bike and the one I was cursing. The GF flew and took me with it. I never touched the front changer as I reclimbed the hills back to the point where I had been earlier and pushed on to the halfway-9km point, turned around and headed back. I just wish I had been able to get a real time and that Wendy's run wasn't cut short. Sorry Wendy.

As a side note: I returned the CTC bike for a full refund and am looking at a real bike. The mechanic at Petrie's is the only one who actually asked me what I weigh and told me he would build a bike with some stronger components where he knows a failure is imminent. Now I just have to get the ok for the extra $450 from Sal.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday Morning Weigh-In X-51

I would have thought Sunday would have been good for a few pounds but I guess not.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Made It

A week ago I was was thoroughly disappointed when a 25¢ piece of plastic on my helmet kept me from the ride. This week the bike was in getting fixed and I never got in any extra rides so my confidence was a bit shaky. But after almost 3 hours I was sitting on the side of the Sturgeon Bay Road having some water. The ride seemed to go so fast while on Hwy 61 but the hills on the gravel road were a b*t*h. I ended up walking partway up 2 of them. I was chased by dogs, spooked a horse and rider and somehow my support crew was m.i.a. but all in all it was everything I had hoped. It felt very good to crest the last hill and know that another 100 feet and I was home free. 32.9 miles according to Google Maps.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Monday Morning Weigh-In X-50

I was surprised to hold at x-50 after a week off and not really staying with any set plan. I did get out for tennis twice, golf twice and 2 ten mile rides. My equipment failure for the camp ride was a big disappointment but it will just have to wait for next weekend. I even got Sal out on her new bike (in May). We went down Hardistry to the waterfront off Syndicate, across to Vickers Park and then home. Getting up this morning it sure feels like summer is over. It was dark and cool. We had a great time with Mike, Mel, Ralph and Susan last night. Brandyn was kicking butt at Wii bowling.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Training Rides

After not touching the bike for 3 days I jumped on Thursday night and made a trip over to the Mission Marsh, about 9 miles return. It was pretty windy especially on the new bridge to the island. I saw one deer who scared the heck out of me, I was riding into the wind with my head down just watching the shoulder and when I looked up, there she was!
Friday I had Sal drop me off at the tree farm on the 25th Side Road. I gave the trails there a try but grasshoppers were everywhere, bouncing off my spokes, my legs and arms. I made the trip back to town down Rosslyn Road and in through Westfort, about 10 miles. One more short ride tomorrow and I hope I'll be ready for the big ride on Sunday.

New Ride

This is a freeware plane designed for FSX. It is a WWII vintage Douglas A26 Invader which was a light twin engine bomber. For FS Ecomony it is a great choice as its fast, can handle up to 8 pax and is fairly easy to fly. Other than having no navigation systems it is great for making some quick $$$. I picked this model up in the Bahamas and am working my way back to the mountains. I'm currently in Miami.