Thursday, May 31, 2012

Public Transport Adventure

After researching routes and reviews of our destination we decided to take a trip downtown to Calgary's Chinatown using the light rail system, the C-train as it's known here. The closest station is about 8 km away and the connecting bus took about 30 minutes to get us there, but we were in no rush. We got a surprise when the bus pulled up, a short 24 seater. It was standing room only once we got close to the train station. A 5 minute wait and we were on our way.

Using the gps on my phone I was able to pick a stop just 3 blocks from our destination. We were both hungry so our first stop was the Happy Valley Hong Kong style cafe. As we entered we were greeted by the daily special sign,  written in 100% chinese. The patrons were the same, a good sign good when you are looking for a good spot. I had barbeque pork with rice and veggies, Sal had duck with lo mein. It was excellent. We picked up a duck and 3 pounds of pork and headed off in search of a bakery. Chinese bakeries are my favourite part of Chinatown. We found the Rainbow Bakery and picked up a dozen bbq pork buns. Our last stop was was Wai's for more bbq pork and some su mai dumplings. My packsack and 2 shopping bags were full as we headed back to the train station. Another short wait for a now crowded train and we were back in no time. Our connecting bus was waiting so the trip home was a quick one.

We went to 5 Guys Burgers for supper and then came home again for Cullen's bath time. He sure loves his bath.

Tuesday we did some shopping for Cullen and groceries. Mike and I went for a quick ride around the Bow River Trail, his route to work when he rides his bike. I still can't get used to that first view of the Rockies when we get to the trail.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tense Day

Sitting a four hour plane ride away from your home where ankle deep water is not amusing your son, is not my recipe for a relaxing vacation. All in all it looks like we were pretty lucky. The water has drained and AJ has fans going and is removing the wet remains of boxes etc. Viewing it all online makes things worse.

Our neighbours were not as lucky. They drove out to Calgary where one son lives and the other flew here as well. They have a little bit of water in their basement and AJ has that in hand too. They are shopping for a car as the son who totalled two cars as a teen completed the hat trick and wrote off another. Their other car is back in Thunder Bay waiting for a  $9000 transmission. Have to take them to buy lotto tickets, nobody can have that kind of luck forever.

Yesterday was a quiet one as we just relaxed and spent the day with Mel and Cullen. He's quite the character. He's happy, he's hungry, he cries then eats and he's all smiles again. His hamhock legs are incredibly strong and when he straightens them out he is nearly standing. Sal is really enjoying being with him. She had him smiling with his bottle in his mouth and that is normally his serious time. When Mike came home from work he sat on his lap babbling and grinning. It's a joy to watch how happy the three of them are.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sitting with Smiley

I guess I should get a matching hat to cut down the glare.


After waiting nearly 3 months we have finally arrived in Calgary. A very uneventful flight, a short walk and there they were. Cullen was asleep in his stroller/car seat all the way back to the house but woke up shortly after we got in. He was all smiles. I took a quick ten pictures as Sally held him and he was smiling the whole time.

The entire country must be under the same cloud as I barely saw the ground from my window seat. The sun is out now. Sally is up with Cullen and the kids went for groceries.

Congrats to Ryder for his historic win at the Giro. First time for a Canuck on the podium for a Grand Tour. Mike found a bike for me to borrow so everything is peachy from where I sit.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Define Senior Moment

A momentary loss of memory or cognitive power.


2:00pm: light rain.
As I'm loading the groceries into the car I hear "Hi Jim, oh dear this is the other man in my life". Instantly five brain cells sizzle and explode as if tossed on the barbie

2:15pm: light rain.
I grab the three bags of groceries and bring them in the house. "Did you get everything" she asks. "Everything  but the....damn I must have left the two cases of pop in the bottom of the cart". She calls the store but no one has turned the pop in. Go to customer service and they will give you two more.

2:45pm standing in line at customer service
Apparently the recent lucky streak in Thunder Bay has everyone thinking they are next as they drop their hard earned pensions on billion to one odds to be the next  big winner. "Do you have wintario? " Just shoot me now.

2:50pm front of the line
Customer service says grab a couple more cases and bring them here for proof of purchase stickers. I say it's not the store's fault but she insists.

3:05pm third in line
"These potatoes came up wrong so they should be free". Off goes customer service to check. "No the price is correct". "Then I don't want them".

3:10pm heavy downpour
I finally escape the clutches of customer service and head to the car with my salvaged cases of pop. I open the hatch and am greeted by....two cases of pop. Mere words cannot describe my level of frustration, four letter words however did nicely.

3:12pm customer service
"Oh you are so honest!" Yes that's what I am, honest.

The other man in her life is the guy who delivers the linens every Thursday.
$4.99 for ten pounds was too much for my friend but you can get three baking potatoes pre-wrapped in 5 cents worth of foil for $1each, just in case you have lots of bucks or a foil phobia.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Project:Free Spirit 3-Speed

With my new glasses on, starting this project by taking pictures and disassembling the major components was a joy, exactly why I brought home Sal's dads old bike. Working on bikes is very relaxing for me. It's what I miss now that I'm not working at Petrie's or the old FCD reline shop. I've taken the handle bars off of Lisbeth about 4 times lately and ended up right where I began with the same setup but not even being annoyed. Being able to see helps the process so much, not having to guess 3 times for every nut, recognizing how something comes apart before damaging it.

Eventually this bike will go to the cook at Sal's place or his wife as they ride often but have just 1 set of wheels. It will take a bit of elbow grease but I can't wait to continue.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Great Day

Wow, what a great morning. 5 pounds less on the scale, 10 degrees and sunny, long weekend coming and Calgary is on the horizon like the Rockies are from Mike's front porch. And we got to see Super Cullen live last night for about half an hour.

Lisbeth wanted nothing to do with making the turn that brings us to work. Can't blame her, I could have just kept on going.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lisbeth Nearly Complete

Just a cosmetic upgrade since I doubt I'll ever use the flask for its intended purpose but it looks cool. As for the Magura R33 hydraulic rim brakes they are simply amazing. With two fingers I can stop on the proverbial dime. Much better for the hands as are the straight bars and bar ends I switched over to. Now if it would just stop raining!