Thursday, December 22, 2011

Meet the New Little Guy

Thanks to a myriad of technology we got to see this little face over the internet last night, live with audio as if we were sitting at the ultrasound in Calgary. It's a new 3D ultrasound that is broadcast to the web. He was camera shy and kept one or two hands over his face most of the time, but even seeing little hands and feet seems like a miracle. Already have my best Christmas present. Thanks Mike and Mel.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time Passing

After a soggy morning ride on wet pavement and slush the new tires got a real test on the ride home. What was wet was frozen, what was slush was ice again. Much easier to ride on. I know it sounds odd but it wasn't cold enough to ride this morning.

More than a year after first seeking help I had an appointment with the only doctor in town doing the electrical testing for carpal tunnel. Result...minor in the right hand and moderate in the left. Since the sciatica I have been sleeping without the prescribed wrist supports and most of the issues have lessened. The biggest was early morning stiffness in both hands, without the braces I have no problems other than some tingling occasionally. Hopefully they won't get worse and surgery can be avoided.

Just a few more days of Christmas parties for Sal at work. She's been running on fumes all week. And yet she's been spending her off time baking and running errands, taking care of everyone.  I'm really not sure what I ever did to be with such a special person. Just wish I could slow her down and get her some real rest.