Monday, November 11, 2013

5000 km

I took two rides yesterday. A very short one on the Surly Moonlander pictured in my last post and a little longer one. The Moonlander would be a riot to ride the trails at Sleeping Giant where you have to pick a line between tree roots and boulders. No line required with those tires, just barrel right over them. I bounced over a few curbs both up and down and it barely registers in the seat as the tires absorb everything. They have it geared right so you can get it moving quickly and it's no where near as heavy as it looks. A fun bike if you were spending lots of time offroad on less than perfect trails.

The second ride was on Bonnie on the trainer with a book on my tablet in front of me. This seems to pass the time much better than listening to tunes and setting up is faster. My 30 minute ride took me over 5000km for the year. It's been a few years since I tracked all my miles but it does prove to be a good motivator. I only wish our weather allowed every month to be a 1000km month like August was.