Wednesday, August 28, 2013

900km, Done

With my lunchtime ride today I passed my goal of 900km for the month with three days left in the bag to go for 1000. More than half has been on Molly, she only got one speed but it's fast. If I look a little tired it's only because I'm working on about three hours sleep thanks to our idiot neighbours and the police.
Molly from where I sit
at the Parkdale trailhead just after passing 900km,
time for a nap.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One Hat Says It All

SURLY, sometimes it's the bike I ride, sometimes it's the mood I'm in

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Highlights of #56

My 56th started with a project I had been reading about, lubricating chains with paraffin wax. It takes a little longer than simply dribbling some more lube on but is supposed to keep things nice and clean and it doesn't attract dirt. We'll see.

Sal made me some eggs with cheese and spicy salami and gave me a bottle of Effen cucumber vodka. I love this stuff in a caesar.

Next I took a 90 minute, 34 km ride on Lisbeth who has seen limited action this month. I've been on a road bike kick lately but she still provides a very comfy ride and is rock solid.

After a shower we headed out on a few errands. Petries was our first stop as I needed a master link for Bonnie to complete her chain service. The road was 'closed' in front of the shop but we snuck through. Parked next to the shop in the lane was Cindy Loohoo's food truck. These are popping up around town and I guess it's about time. We shared some fries and then finished up our errands. Not a great day for the road to be closed.

At supper we went to Mama Alfa's for her amazing Caesar salad and pizza. If you haven't tried this place put it on your to do list. We've never had anything but great food at this little place.

Sal made me a carrot cake and Aj, Jess, Jen, Curtis and Brandyn came by for a slice. While they were there Cullen dropped in via facetime. Man that kid can pack away the food. 

Finally we decided to take in an outdoor movie, Evergreen the local volunteer group was screening 'Despicable Me' at Widnall Park so we grabbed our folding chairs, sweaters and some snacks and watched it on the side of the building. The city was running the same movie down at Marina Park but with Ribfest going on it was going to be pretty busy there. The kids running the movie were a bit disorganized and the crowd was thin but it's a great movie for adults and the few kids who actually sat and watched.

All in all a nice relaxing day.

Waxing Molly's chain
Effen Cucumber vodka, best caesar ingredient
Food truck outside Petrie's, great fries
Beer, caesar salad and...
pizza at Mama Alfa's
outdoor showing of Despicable Me

Friday, August 23, 2013


They come and they go. When you're a kid they take forever to come, anticipation of the big day stretching time. At my age they rush at you so fast that you don't seem to have accomplished much since the last.

This has been a good year so far. As of this morning I'm hitting the scale 69 pounds lighter than January 1. My legs feel great and 56 feels like just a number instead of something that defines how I feel. If anything I feel younger and definitely healthier than I have in a long time. After slacking off in July I'm on pace for more than 900km on the bikes this month and most of those on a single speed. Now if I could just shake the feeling that there's something I need to do.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Blog.

I've started a new blog, don't get too excited it's just a place to put all the bike related things I come across while surfing instead of boring you with it here. Check it out if you are interested at ispirato da bicicletta.
Molly in the morning light.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Old Bike and New Shorts

While walking at Marina Park on Friday night I came across this Iverson bike. Back in high school I saved somewhere around $125 to buy one. Later it was borrowed to one of the cooks at the curling club to ride to English classes and was stolen. Seeing it brought back some memories.

It's a real shame that there is such a lack of vendors at the Marina. You can't get a simple cup of coffee or an ice cream. It's a beautiful place to walk but people want to spend money and there just isn't much of an opportunity to do that. Wasn't that the whole idea?

I got in two longish rides this weekend and that gave me a chance to try out the new Hincapie shorts I found at Winner's for $16. They were originally $109 and are super comfy. Sal had to convince me to try the only pair in the store on, and I'm grateful for her suggestion, best $16 ever spent.

As I came back into town on Arthur Street I came upon a dark lump on the shoulder. It was resting just on the edge of the thin strip of good pavement so I moved a bit right onto the rougher shoulder. When I was within 6 feet it started moving into my path. Thank God porcupines are slow moving creatures or I might have found a whole new way to get a flat.
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Thursday, August 1, 2013


I managed just 600 km in July, down a bit from June. On the positive side 400 of those km were singlespeed on Molly. I have come to love riding her. My legs feel great as a result. I hope to do at least one long ride this weekend so I pulled Bonnie out of the basement yesterday and again today to get reacquainted. It's hard to remember that I have gears, never mind shifting. After riding up and down Victoria Ave. on her unforgiving stiff frame and high pressure tires I have a new found respect for the riders that do the Paris-Roubaix. Riding a day on cobblestones has got to be murder.

For anyone interested in a simple explanation of the the tour or any stage race, see the video below. For a laugh check the link for the Norwegian share the road ad.
riding the cobblestones, just marginally rougher than Victoria Ave.

Tour de France video
Norwegian Share the Road ad