Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meet Sophia

After surprising Sal by not buying a heavily reduced Masi Gran Criterium in Vancouver I found a used gem in Calgary. 'Sophia' is a 1988 Marinoni hand made in Quebec by an Italian immigrant who apprenticed under some of the master Italian frame makers.
She has some scratches and a little rust but nothing that can't be worked out. Made from lugged Columbus steel tubing and equipped with a classic Shimano parts group she is a perfect fit for my height.
Maybe it's just a bike geek thing but being able to see the face of the man who welded and painted the frame creates a special feeling somehow. Apparently I can send the frame to Quebec for repainting and decals. A fresh coat of paint would have her looking like new.
I've taken a few short rides and made a few adjustments. Once the old school leather straps are gone from the pedals she'll be ready for some longer rides.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Little boy and a big big truck

Cullen and I took a long ride around the neighborhood going from playground to playground. We came across this extra long load with two articulated trailers. It was making its way around some tight corners with one end on one sidewalk and the other end on the opposite. The crew needed radios to communicate as they made the turn. Cullen soaked it up. There was construction activity all over with dump trucks, cement trucks, dozers and excavators working close to the pathway. Like any two year old he found it all pretty exciting. He snoozed on the return, something he rarely does. An hour and a half and maybe two minutes of it on the road.

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