Monday, April 27, 2015

Major League Amnesia

There was a lot of buzz on the sports highlight shows this morning as Alex Rodriguez approaches Willie Mays on the all time list of home runs. It seems everyone has forgotten or maybe already forgiven the fact that he just came off a year's suspension for using performance enhancing drugs.

Whenever they show the all time list lead by Barry Bonds, another well known chemically enhanced slugger, it makes me wonder: where are the asterisks? Half of those names got there with chemical help while Hank Aaron got there under death threats and more than half of the country not cheering him on.

Major League Baseball has such a rich history it's a shame they don't separate the legitimate record holders from the cheaters. I for one won't be cheering for A-Rod no matter how far up the list he travels.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

As promised, pictures of Sophia after brake, wheel and drivetrain upgrades. I went for a visit to mom and dad's on Saturday and brought her along. Roads are still too salty to ride her but she's pretty much done. I still haven't ruled out a factory paint job but not this year. That original blue/white fade still grabs me.

Looking pretty sweet
Head badge
Ultegra dual pivot caliper
lug work at the seat cluster
classic seat tube decal
Ultegra 9 speed rear derailleur
Dura Ace shifters, old school
Selle San Marco Skin, not as uncomfortable as it looks
no other riders need apply

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Everybody Wins

We picked up a pizza for supper last night at European Bakery. First off for $20 including tax you get a large with everything on it. It's a great deal and an excellent pizza. We get enough for at least two meals.

They have a program running where patrons donate $3 towards a free slice of pizza for anyone that needs it. So far there have been more than 500 slices donated and 300 claimed. Speaking with the owner, he told me they had to hire someone outside the family just to keep up. So a job is created, needy folks are getting some real food and as someone who donated, I know there's a great feeling for anyone who pays it forward.

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