Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One More Kick At the Cat

Well it didn't rain Monday and because it was 'cheap' night at Silver City, Kevin and I ended up out at Northern Lights on the par 3 course. Not as bad as Sunday. I scrambled my way to a few pars and hit a couple of decent shots but I still didn't feel very comfortable. I guess I just can't concentrate on more than 1 sport at a time.
Tomorrow Sal, AJ and I will be going to the funeral of the mother one of his long time baseball team mates. We have known Donna since the kids were first playing Little League and she made the long, eventful drive to Windsor with us for provincials when the boys were 12. Damn cancer has taken another great person well before her time. She will be missed especially by all the kids she has had in her home over the years, including Brandyn.

July miles:466 miles
07-29, Bridget:16 miles
07-30, Molly:15 miles

Monday, July 28, 2008

Last Time on the Links?

Mike and I met Mom and Dad at Northern Lights early Sunday morning for another adventure on the links. I got off to a good start on the first tee but by the 5th hole I was all over the place and even whiffed completely more than once. Not picking up a club and then trying to 'play' is not the best idea. I called Sal and had her rescue me before the back nine. Mom and Dad have improved so much they could both whip my butt with ease now. Mike just goofs around but if he ever seriously got into it he could be something. He can hit the ball a mile. Sometimes it's a mile in the bush but with some work he could get very good.
We went to Ralph and Susan's (Mel's parents) for a bbq Sunday as Mel got in and Mike left today. There was lots to eat and the kids had a ball swimming.
Monday was dinner with Kev and Sue who are in town for a wedding and some vacation. Kev was hoping to hit the links as the girls are busy tonight, I'm hoping for rain. I'm not ready to get back on that pony just yet.

July miles:437 miles
07-25, Bridget:16 miles
07-26, Bridget:11 miles
07-27, Bridget:2 miles
07-28, Bridget:16 miles

Monday, July 21, 2008

First Time on the Links

Mike, AJ and I got out to Northern Lights for a quick 9 holes on the par 3 tonight. I was actually hitting the ball pretty well and took 4 holes in the Skins we played. I was putting, chipping and pitching far better than I should have.
I discovered something that would have made my ride in Toronto much more comfortable, take the visor off the helmet. With Molly's new lower bars I found my neck getting sore when I rode as I was on longer rides on Jill. After Day 1 at the Conquer Cancer it was very stiff despite frequent head twisting and shoulder moving. The visor on the helmet forced me to lift my head just that little bit extra to see ahead and without it I'm much more comfy. The helmet looks a bit more nerdy but it works. The 40 miles last Sunday came with no neck stiffness at all, worth remembering for next year. Yes, I'm seriously considering registering for the ride in 2009.
I went to a meeting for the Active Transportation initiative the city is putting together. They asked people who attended the Open House a few weeks back to take a series of routes to test out and comment on. Hopefully this will eventually see some progress towards making Thunder Bay more bike friendly.

July miles:392 miles
07-24, Bridget:8 miles
07-23, Bridget:16 miles
07-22, Molly:20 miles
07-21, Molly:16 miles

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back to the Laser

After being frustrated with my HP inkjet once again I decided to scrap it and get a laser printer. Picked up a Canon MF4150 at Future Shop, scanner, copier, fax and duplex printer. Real fast and no more damn ink to get dried out. I spent more time cleaning the HP than printing I'm sure.
I found a neat little add-on for Firefox yesterday, Firefly. It's a file manager that runs right in the browser. I'm planning on a clean up and reinstall of XP soon so it will be nice to have around as I'll probably not be able to update Power Desk.
Jill and I took a nice 3 hour ride out through Mountain Road, 61, 130, Stanley and in on 17. I really love River Road along the Kam at Stanley. Nice smooth pavement and a gradual descent with a host of small farms along the river valley. Very peaceful and serene. Other than the speedometer sputtering and then stopping completely only to start up again on its own, everything was great.

July miles:342
07-20, Jill:40 miles
07-18, Molly:5 miles
07-18, Jill:9 miles

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Riccardo Ricco Broke My Heart

After watching and pulling for Riccardo to win a stage of the Tour de France it really was a shock to see that he had been kicked out for blood doping. He stormed through the field on one of the toughest climbs in the Pyrenees and took the stage passing other riders like they had flat tires. Days later he is out along with the rest of his team.
After some careful measuring and reading on Sheldon Brown's site I managed to correct the chainline on Molly today and rode over to Westfort for some Little League action. The 48 tooth crank set gives her a faster top speed but takes a bit more effort to get rolling. Still loving the ride and can feel the strength building in my legs.

July miles:288 miles
07-17, Bridget:8 miles
07-17, Molly:16 miles
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Molly Steals the Show

It's too bad the local media didn't bother to take in the game between the Thunder Bay Selects and Team Canada yesterday. They got the final score right but missed the fact that it was a great game. The local kids really played hard and put on a good show.
Since putting the HBar on Molly I haven't touched another bike. She is so much fun to ride. Tonight I put on the Sugino crankset that I had for the other frame, she'll be a bit faster with a taller gear and longer arms. The other frame will have to wait as I'm having too much fun to let Molly sit stil for long. The chain line is not perfect but I'll do some more reading and get it right.

July miles:264 miles
07-16, Molly:15 miles
07-15, Molly:15 miles
07-14, Molly:24 miles

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Relaxed Sunday

No riding today as we took a drive to Grand Marais and then back to Mom and Dad's for a birthday supper. I can't believe Dad is going to be 70, sure doesn't look it. It was sort of different to have supper without all of the kids and grandkids. Everyone was a bit more relaxed, especially Mom.
Before taking Molly over to watch some Little League last night I switched the HBar from Cecelia and flipped it upside down. It gives her another different feel, very racy as a few people commented. It is a great bar for hand positions as there are so many to try and is perfect for singlespeeding. I pushed her all the way into a strong headwind to get there and really enjoyed the tailwind on the way home. Now just add some tape and I think I'll finally be happy with her feel.

July miles:210
07-11, Cecelia:10 miles
07-11, Molly:10 miles

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cecelia Sees the Sun

With the weather we're having Cecelia was bound to get out of the basement sooner or later. I got up Friday feeling terrible. I had to force myself onto Bridget and took the medium route to work. Drizzling mist started at lunch so I traded in the jeans and Bridget for shorts, my rain suit and Cecelia for the ride back to work. At 5 it was raining lightly and windy. Somehow I enjoyed that ride home, short as it was, so much that I promised Cecelia she would be 'velo de jour' no matter how Saturday turned out. As I said earlier sometimes just changing to another bike makes it all feel better.

July Mileage: 190 miles
07-11, Bridget:5 miles
07-11, Cecelia:5 miles

Thursday, July 10, 2008

You've Got to Be Kidding

As another summer comes to an end, cooler air comes off the big lake, the leaves start taking on their fiery colours and hockey season is just around the corner... WAIT A MINUTE, it's still JULY! How can it be only 12 degrees. I think our furnace just came on. I rode back from Westfort after taking in the opening ceremonies for the Little League All Star Tournament and can't remember a day as cool as this during the games in nearly 15 years. Tomorrow's expected high is 16, won't that frost your pedals. I might have to wear pants.

July miles:180
07-10, Bridget:20 miles

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Word Is Out

I guess word is out in the hockey community that I decided not to serve as secretary for LMHA this season. I just could not imagine another year of listening to the bickering and treading water.

July miles:160 miles
07-09, Bridget:26 miles

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Saving Gas My A**

Anyone who thinks people are cutting back to save gas should hear the roar of accelerating engines as drivers who think they have been held up by a bike for even a millisecond roar by.

July miles:134
07-08, Molly:16 miles

Monday, July 7, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008


by watching a few hours of the tour de France I headed out with Jill at 6:00 with thoughts of about 20 miles in a couple hours. Plenty of time to be home and have supper with Sal. Well 35 miles and 2 1/2 hours later with a b***h of a wind that I couldn't shake, I got home.
People have asked why I have or need so many bikes. At this point I have 4 and they all have their own feel. When I get tired of one I just switch and it feels like a whole new bike. Bridget loves to be bounced around, run over curbs, rocks, ruts or squirrels. Nothing can move us off of our desired path. I love to push her hard and often get up out of the saddle to get her going. Jill is more delicate and because of her skinny wheels we have to avoid potholes and other rough spots. She's great for a steady pace over long distances. Molly is my go-to bike, skinny wheels, single speed and fun to just grab and go. Cecelia, well poor Cecelia doesn't see much sunshine but I can always count on her when the weather gets ugly. She'll be giving up most of her parts for an new singlespeed soon, if I ever get around to finishing the paint job. I can't wait to take the new girl out to Shuniah Mines for some offroad fun.
I found another event to work towards, the 24 hours of Kamview. It's a relay where each team has to have a rider on the course for 24 hours. Sounds like fun.
July miles:96
07-05, Jill:35
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Don't Mess With This Biker

On my way home from work today I was passed by a local police officer on a bike, he was in uniform but I don't think he was on duty. I noticed he was still wearing his gun and wondered just how much room he gets on the road. Must be nice.

July Miles:61 miles
07-04, Bridget:18 miles

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another Story

I met the father of a rider at Petrie's today who now lives in the Yukon. Five years ago the family was planning to enter the Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay, a 148 mile one day relay from Haines in the Yukon Territory to Haines Alaska . The son was then diagnosed with MS and their plans were cancelled. This year he raised more than $5000 for the MS Society and rode it solo with his family as his support team! Hats off for sure. With 5 degree weather, rain and mountains it makes my ride feel like a Sunday afternoon cruise.

July Miles:43
07-01, Jill:15
07-02, Molly:12
07-03, Molly:16

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June Mileage

Cecelia:3 miles
Bridget:50 miles
Molly: 131 miles
Jill:227 miles
June total:411 miles
2008 total:2185 miles