Friday, December 20, 2013


Well not really. After four years I have finally posted something I've written. A short story that has been in the works forever. Now that that's out of the way I can get on to a novel. Stay tuned...say around 2040.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Feeling So Canadian

As I walked to work this morning it wasn't the coldest day I've faced this winter, only -15 plus a 40kmph wind but I felt so Canadian.

The slight snowfall we had yesterday was sculpted by the wind so that every bank or nugget had a comet's tail of drifted snow. Like some artist had been let loose on the city with an airbrush. Once I hit the bike path, yes I still call it the bike path even when I'm walking, only the full moon provided a trickle of light.

The wind was testing my defcon 3 level winter gear, finding every weak point that it could to try and chill me. Gord Downie and the Hip were playing over the headphones and as they always do, put my thinking in "I am Canadian" mode. Rush might be Canada's most successful band but their lyrics never reveal their homeland. The Hip's words often speak of life north of the 49th.

Sal offers to drive me to work most days while she is still huddled in the warmth of our bed. On days like today I wish I lived farther from work, the walk is just too short.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter Blues

It hasn't been this long between posts in quite a while. I just haven't had much to share or didn't want to share some of what has been churning between my ears. Back in early October I felt my days as a hockey president were numbered. Today I let the parents know I'm looking for help and if I don't get it I'm done. I just don't have my heart in it anymore.

I've been looking for something....and I still don't know what it is. I want to create something, maybe write a book, or do freelance writing. There's a feeling of incompleteness that I just can't put on the back burner anymore.

I caught a few minutes of a concert on tv last week and then recorded it when it showed again. Canadian guitarist Jesse Cook has me listening to everything he has on cd, thanks Thunder Bay public library. His instrumental flamenco style sound is great to walk to. He does traditional flamenco as well as jazz inspired fusion and adds in instruments from the middle East and Africa. Instrumental music is so easy to listen to. No big messages in lyrics, my own thoughts go with the music. What is a sad song for one listener can be the soundtrack to viewing a beautiful landscape for another. It's like looking at a painting that is just shapes and colours without any recognizable subject. There to be interpreted by the viewer or listener in the case of music.

Biking is on hold at least outside thanks to the recent snow. I spent a whole weekend getting Eyowen outfitted with snow tires and brakes only to snap off the seat post while riding home at lunch on the second day in service. I was very lucky I didn't end up landing crotch-first on the studded back tire as it rolled along. The frame is definitely done this time.

I just signed up to Netflix and will be riding the trainer in the basement while watching whatever it has to offer. It works great with the google chromecast too. I can watch anything from netflix or youtube right on the tv and control it with my phone or tablet.