Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh Sophia

​I finally got to get back on a bike Sunday evening. Weather and catching up with yardwork when it wasn't raining left no time to sneak out​. It started to rain as I left but I decided to just ignore it. With my own pedals, saddle and a few adjustments Sophia was ready.

Riding the $2200 BMC that I had been pining for all winter had no where near the wow factor that riding this 26 year old beauty did. She's as quiet as a single speed. Shifting with the down tube shifters seems more natural and the gear changes are precise. The ride is everything that steel frames are known for, smooth and road absorbing. But step on the gas and she responds quickly. She passed the no hands test, a sure sign that there are no frame issues. All this without any more attention than pumping the tires and lubing the chain. She truly feels like she was custom made for me. I can't wait to go for a longer ride.