Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1 Day Down, 3379 To Go

The move is complete. It was a tough week not just because of the moving aspect but because I hadn't worked a full week since June and half of that was at Petrie's. The new spot is small but I have to say the first day was as much fun as I've had in a long time on the job. I have more than enough to do all day and the atmosphere seems much lighter, relaxed. The walk in the morning is just over 30 minutes so it still gives me time to get everything going. Our first shop jobs came back from Winnipeg. The work is top notch and once we get some pricing to base estimates on we should be okay on that end. The shop will even allow us to send our own lining so we can still see some profit there. Hopefully business will get better and the new leaner and friendlier setup will work out.

It was very strange to see the old building empty. It didn't seem like we would ever get all of the accumulated baggage out of there. Lots went to the dump and the scrap, lots was sold off for a song. Just don't have the room to bring it all with us, which is a good thing.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beat to the Punch or Slipped One?

Some news this morning as I settled in at work. My co-worker of some 24 years has given his notice. He is going to our most hated competition so things are a bit tense. I'm looking forward to the whole thing. He was a cranky sob at times and didn't do much for customer relations. He wouldn't get involved in any activity outside of the workplace. He's good at what he does but there are things that his new employer doesn't know about him. I wish him luck but can't say I'm going to miss him too much. I may be wrong on that, but we'll see. Too bad he didn't leave before the whole move thing or we may have been able to keep the building and the shop. For now it means back to full time work in a week or so. Now that will be hard to adjust to at least until payday.

I started writing a short story. I love historic fiction so I decided to search for a little known Canadian hero, did some research and then let my head weave something together. Now I'm in edit mode, adding a bit every day, re-reading what I have and checking facts. I'll put it up somewhere once I have some more put together. Having a great time doing it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kenny Loggins

We took in Kenny Loggins in concert last night. Sal was one of only 2 from the front row to ask for his autograph. Anywhere else in the world the girls toss underwear on the stage, in TBay it's wool scarves with maple leafs. He put on a great show and we couldn't have gotten any closer without having some musical skills.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Moving, Stopping, Crying and Thinking

I can't believe it's been nearly 2 weeks since I've written here. I guess I sort of lost track of things or maybe what I had to say didn't seem very important with other things that were going on. Nevertheless, here goes.

I finally saw the new location for the shop today. It's small, 1300 sq.ft as compare to the 6000 we're leaving but no where near as dark and dingy as I had feared. We put up just about 50% of the shelving in half a day. We had talked about not moving any high volume items off the shelf until moving day was closer but when I returned I saw this...I decided just to bite my tongue and go with the flow. The two weeks leading up to the actual move should prove interesting. Tip toe through the brake shoes, through the brake pads, through the alternators...you know the tune.

I rode home at 5:30, it sure gets dark fast now, and was treated to this as I crossed the railway bridge behind McIntyre Center. I really need to stop and snap a picture when I see one more often. I find myself in a hurry to just get where I'm going and more often than not just take in the scene without slowing down. I had passed 3 adult deer not more than 200 yards from the Superstore parking lot. They didn't even flinch as I pedaled by, I should have taken a picture of them.

I recorded and watched 'Storming Juno' this morning and finished up after work. It is the story of Canada's D-Day accomplishments. Our military may not be a force that is feared around the world today but in WWII they were total ass-kickers. Once the dramatization portion was over interviews with actual vets had me tearing up as they told their stories.

And lastly I need to write. Ideas of a storyline are spinning but I don't have anything I want to run with yet. It may mean I won't post here often but it is an itch that has needed some attention for too long.