Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cullen's First Visit to Banff

On Monday we made the 90 minute drive to Banff. Cullen proved to be a great traveller as he slept there and back even through the rush hour traffic jam. We had lunch in the quiet upstairs at Earl's where he locked on to Mike's Bronx burger. We did some shopping and wandering around town and headed home.

The drive out never ceases to amaze me. The Rockies just loomed on the horizon last week and suddenly they they are all around us. Going to Lake Louise or Moraine weren't in the game plan but just being surrounded by mountains was a treat.

Elbow River Trail Redo

On Sunday Mike had a tennis game at the exclusive Glencoe Club so I put the Gary Fisher on the bike rack and went along. The club was a block from the Elbow River trail that had given us so much trouble two years ago. Armed with gps and the bike path layer on google maps I headed for downtown.

Minutes later I had to stop as the bike path ended at an intersection. A quick check on the map told me to just go up 1 block on the dead end street and the path continued. 

The rest of the ride was pretty straight forward except for a few detours and 30 minutes later I was rolling downtown. Next problem was the MS walk that was ongoing. I just couldn't find an easy way around the joggers, serious runners and family groups dominating the pathways. I crossed the Bow on the new Peace bridge but just found more of the same. A few more bridges and I got far enough from the route to ride comfortably without weaving through pedestrian traffic. In no time I was headed for the Elbow Trail and back to meet Mike.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Farmers Market

Saturday we all headed to the new Farmers Market. We picked up some supper supplies and had lunch. Cullen was serenaded by a violinist and seemed to like that. Next stop was Lina's Italian Market. Despite the parking lot from hell it was an amazing store with anything you might need to prepare an Italian meal, or sit and have one.

Mel made her excellent sauce and we all enjoyed another great meal. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and bathtime. Mike has been spraying the little guy with squirt toys and this time he fought back the only way he can. Yep, peed on daddy. I think I saw a little smile on his face as the mop up was completed. 

Fresh Air

Thursday I got up at 7:15am to ride to work with Mike and then just slowly made my way back along the gravel paths along the Bow. It was a nice cool morning, perfect for a ride.

I got back after about 90 minutes, showered and had breakfast. We took Cullen for a long walk around the neighborhood from playground to playground, there must be 3 within 10 minutes walk of the house. The little guy slept through the entire walk and then for another hour plus in his stroller on the porch. Fresh air does wonders.

Friday I went for a 4 hour ride into Fish Creek park, about 10 minutes from the back door and about 2 blocks of that on the street.

Cullen is so close to laughing but ends up with hiccups.