Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sorry Lance

I didn't believe it at first. I didn't want to believe it. But at some point the evidence was just overwhelming. I wasn't 'into' cycling when Lance was all the rage. When I started it was mountain bikes that I dreamed about not sub-15 pound road bikes. But as I go into it every bike was of interest and high tech steeds were something that began to catch my interest. Then while in Calgary I grabbed a book about Lance and his fight back from cancer and wins in the tour. Seeing as I was training to ride in support of cancer research he became someone to look up to. Surely if he could go through all that and then ride thousands of kilometers I could ride a couple of hundred.

I remember watching him ride to victory in the Leadville 100 'Race Across the Sky' and getting that tingle all over. I pulled for him during his comeback in the first tour d'France I'd ever really watched.

But the earth is not flat, gobal warming is real and Lance cheated. Sure it looks like everybody else did too but that doesn't change the fact. So today I said goodbye to the tattered first Livestrong hoodie I ever had. Not much of a big deal now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Samsung Sells 30 Million SIII's

Samsung has sold 30 million Galaxy SIII phones in 157 days. And that with the new iPhone 5 released right in the middle of their campaign. I have to say it is my go to device right now, even before the Xoom tablet. Fast and easy to use, 16 gigs of memory and a 32 gig sd card, great camera, voice typing that works about 90%. Right now it's with me if I'm awake. 

Wrong NHL, Really?

I got a call from the 99FM news room this morning. They wanted me to confirm that NHL players were coming to Thunder Bay on Monday the 12th to play an exhibition game. Sorry our leagues share the initials but that's where it ends. They couldn't even find us on the net, they called a former Thunder Bay Minor executive. Investigative reporting skills apparently are not a requirement in the news room. 

I should have told him yes, NHL players will be at the Gardens on Saturday. Players from the Leafs, Flyers, Senators, Canadiens, Sharks and Kings have confirmed they will be there for three hours and admission is free.

If the big boys do come, I hope people stay home to show them how they feel about the whole mess.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Feels Good

I once wrote that you never really appreciate your parents until you become one. Last week after visiting with Mike, Mel and Cullen on Skype I started appreciating myself as a parent. I'm not saying I did anything out of the ordinary, there's lots I didn't do that I regret. Lots of things I wish I had been able to give my kids that I either didn't or couldn't.

But watching Mike and Cullen on the couch together just goofing around for the camera I got a warm feeling, knowing the little guy is in good hands, just as I know Ginko is. Maybe our kids have learned something from their parents, maybe learned from our mistakes in some cases. Regardless, it feels good.