Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I'd Rather Ride a Bike In Winter

No plugging in extension cords in the dark.

The bike starts every time.

No waiting for a cold car to warm up.

No windshield to brush the snow from.

No windows to get frosted.

No frozen windshield wipers.

No frozen slush rubbing on the tires.

Nobody pestering me for a ride.

Better tires.

No worrying about odd or even parking days.

No over-dramatic radio announcers telling me how cold it is outside.

No traffic on the back lanes or bike paths.

If I get gas it's cause I had chili last night.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Take Advantage

With another great day of weather hanging on at quitting time I decided to take a longer ride home. I just went up the bike path to the college and around the golf course but added nearly 6km to my ride home. I set the tracking app on my phone which uses GPS to map and keep stats. After about five minutes I heard the robotic voice of the phone reading out after the first kilometer, average speed etc. Must be an update as it's never done that before. Anyway it was fun to get out in the air for a bit. I started keeping track of my millage for 2012 so I guess something wanted to add a few.
With the time off I had at Christmas I was able to do some work in the house, finally getting baseboards in the living room. Lots of delays but they are done and just require some additional paint.
Sal and I have been taking advantage of our time too, doing things now rather than just talking about them. I can't remember ever feeling closer to her. A rough couple of months for sure but things are getting better.