Saturday, September 26, 2020

Bike Project 1020(Eyowen2).1

I watched Kijiji for about a month before seeing much that was interesting and not too expensive. I just wanted something in decent condition that I could work on over the winter.

Some were too big or too small or just too much money to even go look at. Then a GT Tequesta from the '90s showed up, in Nipigon of all places. Always loved the distinct GT frames. So the last Friday of my vacation we set off for a nice drive on a beautiful sunny day. I sure wish that you could see Lake Superior more on that drive. You know it's right there but you only get brief glimpses of the water and shoreline. 

The bike was in average condition and maybe I paid a bit much but not full asking as I normally do. I did a quick once over and changed the tires. A couple quick trips around the block and she was ready to ride. I rode back and forth to work a couple times with no issues. 

I have some parts ordered to turn her from an old mountain bike into a single speed drop bar monster cross. It's a very light chromoly frame and with the gears and shifters removed it will be very light with huge tires. I've named her Eyowen II, after the first bike I rebuilt years ago. Stay tuned as parts arrive. 

 Eyowen II



Bike Project 920 (Lael 1x10).2

 Well that project ended with a disappointing finish. Removing the cassette revealed a freehub that was about 5mm too narrow for a 10 speed cassette. :(